Beach. Rose. Hips.

Now that fall is officially here, I’m remembering fondly the floral, citrusy taste of the rose hip tea I made in August.

The blossoms and subsequent pods did not seem as abundant along the beach as in previous years, perhaps because of my timing or because of the widespread drought across New England this summer. But I was still able to collect a few handfuls of decent quality and ripeness.

It’s easy to quarter and boil the hips and press them through a mess strainer. In the past, I’ve added sugar to make a conventional syrup for mixed drinks. This year, I used a smaller quantity of water to try for a more concentrated liquid. My batch of hips was quite spiky and seedy, but the result, for whatever reason, was less soapy on the tongue then my attempt last year.

Brewed and strained rose hip tea in a fancy old water (?) bottle.

The taste was very late summery to me, as I combined it with juice (mainly in seltzer format) and made a few gin-based cocktails. I’m no expert when it comes to mixing drinks, but it was a fun and refreshing little experiment. And because rose hips are so high in vitamin C, I told myself that this little potion was doubling as a pre-autumn immunity boost.

Here’s hoping I can manage some more foraging adventures this fall and winter.

That color!

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